Yes, it is effective against any airborne microorganism, virus or bacteria.

Several scientist studies suggest the airborne infection route as the leading one for SARS-CoV-2, same as it was commonly accepted for SARS-CoV-1. It is through the infected air with microdrops coming from an infected person, when coughing, sneezing, speaking, and air exhaling. These virus contaminated microdrops can be active in air up to 3 hours (1)

Mixed air with viral microdrops, being emitted by a person, is warmer than the environment air temperature’s inside a room. This is because body temperature is around 36,5 ºC, against the average 22ºC of indoor air. It means that the infectious air will rise to the ceiling immediately. If we install an Upper Room Air Disinfection Fixture in this room, the infectious air will get into the Ultraviolet C upper zone, irradiated by the fixture, inactivating the viruses or bacteria in few seconds, and avoiding infection among healthy persons. A LIGHTDIS Upper Room Fixture avoids infection between persons.

  1. Van Doremalen et al., 2020. Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARSCoV-1. The New England Journal of Medicine.

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